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A few of our favorites from the work we did on Farmville for Zynga-

Potbellied Pig :D

Before settling into the final art style you see in the game, we were tasked with helping the development team in prototyping various animals and the avatars. The original idea was to recreate the 2D vector style of Farmville 1 and turn it into 3D

Here is an early prototype of the hero pig-

Baby Billygoat- Here we experimented with a sad expression. It was later determined that there will be no sad emotion in the game.

Baby Chicken-

A more painterly style was introduced part way into the development process.​​

Longhorn Cow - experimented with painterly brushstrokes.

vs. the 3D toon shaded version.

We had a lot of fun working with the preproduction team and learn a lot from it. The experience ultimately helped our production artists in working on the many of the post launch assets for the Farmville franchise.

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