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Panorama Concept Test pt.1

To quickly visualize an environment, try converting a still 2D concept into a 360 panoramic image or video and then previewing it using YouTube or Facebook. The one thing that the artist needs to look out for is the warp and stretch distortions when painting in the equi-rectangular format. If one can adjust to this challenge, this method is a good way for the artist and the developer to get a sense of the space and the layout of an environment.

We rendered the video footage for approximately 50 seconds in length, but since this is a still image you can pause the video and pan around. In the next part, we will be adding ambient elements such as 3-D bird flocks and fog to further enrich the scene.

*YouTube 360 video may not work on some handheld mobile devices

Here is a Work-In-Progress Facebook still version

To create your own 360 photosphere on Facebook, designer Topher McCulloch has a nice step-by-step wirte up-

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