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Spring Mentorship

Earlier this year, we were invited by the Game Art Design Department at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK to participate in their mentorship program for some of their graduating design students.

We were honored and were happy to give our advice and guidance to aspiring artists. Our schedule allowed us to take on two students for the Spring semester. Sarah Wright, one of our mentees was the first to contact us in January. She had an interesting idea for her 2D concept art final project to re-imagine the classic story Thumbelina. After some brief research, we were surprised that this classic tale had not been revisited by anyone since the Don Bluth version in 1994.

Sarah went to work by researching the costumes of the period and started gathering reference materials. Her take on the characters was very refreshing and original. Check out some of the thumbnails and color concepts of the main character Thumbelina below.

The main Character - Thumbelina

Thumbelina - the main character

Throughout the entire process, Sarah was driven and was very proactive in communicating with us. She was receptive to feedback and suggestions. We were very inspired by her artwork.

Feedback on Thumbelina's house

For more detail and the development diary of Sarah's Thumbelina, you can visit her blog page here -

Also check out - Sarah's portfolio

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the teaching staff at De Monfort of giving us a chance to work with these great young artists. We value the creative process, and by sharing our personal experience and knowledge, we hope it will make a difference in their art development. Good luck!

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