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Art of Star Wars Uprising

During the Christmas break, we received a copy of the 'Art of Star Wars Uprising' in the mail from the Kabam RPG team. We were even lucky enough to snag Ken Capelli (Art Director) and Trevor Grimshaw (Art Lead) who blessed our copy with their autographs - making it a collector's edition of sorts :).

It's always awesome to take a look at all the concept work in any 'Art of' book and the Kabam team didn't disappoint in this regard. They were also nice enough to showcase some of the assets we help worked on.

Check out the previous blog for more character art examples from this game in addition to

additional characters and prop samples. (You'll also find these in our portfolio section as well).

In the meantime, check out a sample of some of our favorite Droids and props that we modeled and textured:

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