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VR game dev.- Archer E. Bowman Part 1

Our friends at Void Alpha recently asked us to help out with the art and animation on this humorous, fast-paced rampart style shooter on the Samsung GEAR and we were glad to lend our support!

Besides characters and environments, we also enjoyed working on the animation. Our animators had a blast working on these comical characters, and eventhough the skeleton and polygon limit were fairly low due to the real time nature of a VR game, the acting and the animation on the characters really fits well with the zany, Loony Tunes style of the game

Throughout the game, you will get to choose from a wide array of arrows, each with a unique ability. Our animators had a blast working on the multiple death sequences on the various enemies. Check out a few examples of the Grunt character below-

Grunt- Death by Electric Arrow

Grunt Death by Electric Arrow

Grunt- Knocked out in Mid-air

Grunt- Knocked down, but not out! Shake it off little guy :D

One thing we kept in mind during the animation process is that this is a VR game, and the majority of the enemies are going to be coming towards you. Therefore, we always checked and made sure the animations looked good from the front. Check out the climb, clamber and the paired Grunt throw animation below for some serious Z-axis action. :D

Climb Up

Clamber over wall

Grunt- Tossed up by the Giant Cyclops

For the toss throw above, the final animation will be cut up into sections so the engineers can apply the right timing and distance to it. Check out the failed landing sequence below, it's one of our favorites. :D

Here is what Brian, Art Director at Void Alpha had to say about working with our team-

"I've partnered with ncubate on several projects, each time feeling that I am getting the very best effort from their stable of artists and animators, who get what I am going for and can hit those high notes with streamlined feedback loops. As the AD on a game for the Gear VR, "Archer E. Bowman", I needed suites of animations for absurdly low-poly characters (150, 250 and 350-poly LODs) and they not only built them to somehow look terrific, they brought them to life with deft fidelity and nuance. The animators proactively brought an impressive range of ideas, humor and gags to the performances that regularly had me laughing out loud and calling the team over to check out the latest incoming from ncubate! In my experiences with them, the artists and animators clearly take great pride in their craft, appear to very much enjoy their work, are super crisp and professional, and a pleasure to work with every time."

Thanks for the compliment Brian! This is one of the launch titles on the Samsung GEAR and it was also our first time working on the VR platform. We definitely learned a lot from working with the team at VA. On the next post, we will be covering the environment work, as well as the rigging for this awesome project.

Download A.E.Bowman and give it a try!

Game Summary from the website-

You are...ARCHER E. BOWMAN, Rampart Hero! Take to the wall with your trusty bow and defend the kingdom from beastly hordes! It was supposed to be a quiet day of guard duty - will you survive the onslaught?

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