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Fantasy Strategy Game - Part 2

This is an example on how we did the animation of the Druid Cavalryman riding on his horse.

Essentially, we were looking to pair two completely separate rigs which included both the rider in addition to the horse. The cavalryman is inheriting the translation and rotation values from the horse as shown in this trot animation below.

A Parent Constraint Node is used to tie the rider to the horse's prop bone on its saddle. With the main motion of the rider set, limbs and cape were hand animated to complete the set.

One other thing to keep in mind when animating for a tiled based game which is that most of the animation was required to be animated in place without translation. Translation will then be added in game on animations such as walk and run but a lot of the react animations should start and end in the same spot. Check out the Archer animation below where the start and the end frame lined up.

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