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Bolt-on Armor pieces

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with our good friends at Gree on some high resolution characters. One of the tasks we were given besides modeling and texture painting, was to set up the character rigs so the internal art team could pose the characters and then render them.

This is the knight character and as you can see, he has a lot of armor and padding pieces on him. Our primary concerns centered on clipping issues during animation due to the numerous overlapping pieces of armor. To help mitigate geometry inter-penetration, we set up a series of auto driving system through SDK and Mel Expressions. The videos below demonstrate how the shoulder pauldrons were bolted to the surface of the upper body through the rivet script, and were then driven by the clavicle and shoulder joints with set driven keys to avoid penetration.

Shoulder Pads being driven by shoulder rotation

Skirt Flaps being driven by Hip Joints

For high resolution characters, extra bevel edges are added to maintain hard edges. Finally, blendshapes and correctives were used to fine tune deformation and also facial expressions.

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