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War Dragons

Recently we had the chance to work with Pocket Gems in launching their new 3D mobile game ‘War Dragons’. While the art team had a blast with modeling and rigging up all the great dragons, it was especially cool to circle back and work with some folks that I crossed paths with earlier in my career - Jeff Hunter (Studio AD) and Brian Steffel (War Dragons AD). Kudos to Brian and his talented team for shepherding a great visual effort and thanks for letting us come on board with the art creation. Congrats guys!

We have been actively playing this game around the studio and we think it's definitely worth the download. You get to play, select, unlock, and upgrade your defenses and dragons while laying waste to other player’s buildings and defenses. Dragons + destruction...what’s not to like?! :)

More Info and Download link here:

Some of the environment pieces we did...

One of the numerous high rez sculpts we did.

To see the Dragon in motion, check out an example of the Dragon in the Animation section here.

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