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Welcoming our art intern!

We’re thrilled to welcome our art intern, Janna Uy!

As a surface and character artist, Janna will spend her 8-week internship at our Berkeley Office helping develop the new IP Prototoy due to start Pre-production for the next month. Janna will contribute to the visual development of our hero character- Widget, as well as rigging and skinning, and work with the nCubate team to learn our production workflow!

Learn more about Janna in her interview below –

Janna Uy

School: Ex’pression College, Emeryville Major: Animation and Visual Effects Year: 2013

[n]: How did you get involved in [n]Cubate Studios?

Janna: ­It’s a pretty interesting story actually. I was on my way home from school and had bumped into my aunt, uncle, and little cousin outside the house talking with Vince and Kim. This was first time I had met them and their dog Cody. After introductions were made, we got into the discussion of the course I was studying which is Animation and Visual Effects then Kim brought up the possibility of an internship, so it all started from there. I had received a business card from them and several weeks later I contacted Kim if the internship was still available. It still was! And here I am today at [n]Cubate, having a great time!

[n]: What about working at [n]Cubate are you most looking forward to?

Janna: Learning, creating and being able to work with a wonderful team! I can’t really pick one! Its exciting to be able to learn from Vince and Ash tricks and techniques and to be able to apply that knowledge to help visually develop their project.

[n]: What is your hidden talent?

Janna: Uuhh… I have this weird thing that I do with my fingers. I can lock the 2nd joint, from the base of my fingers (index, middle, and ring) at past a 90 degree angle. After doing that, I can flick the tips of my fingers and what happens with that is this weird effect… the tips of my finger, when flicked look like they’ve been dislocated. So it almost looks like a diving board when someone jumps off of it. Boing!

[n]: Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?

Janna: My dad has been the most inspirational person in my life. He’s always been there for me ever since. At one point, I wanted to be like him – an architect but then he also told me that doing what makes me happy is the most important thing so I’m here now working my way to what I want to be.

[n]: Make a bold prediction.

Janna: In the year 2525, Humanity will be in contact with the Covenant. *Yes, I am a Halo nerd. :)

Art from Janna-

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