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High Noon... in 3D

From Happylatte, the creators of the original High Noon game, comes the highly-anticipated sequel High Noon 2 on Android…in 3D! Congratulations to Mike, Bjorn, and all our friends at Happy Latte on the launch of HN2! It was super fun working with the HN2 team, we will see you inside the High Noon Gulch!

If you haven't played High Noon before, it is a fast-paced gun fight in real time. Play with your friends, or people world wide.

Fully articulated rig, you can choose to play a cowgirl or a cowboy!

Download on Google Play-

Exclusive Trailer

*All artwork is copyright © Happy Latte. All rights reserved. Happy Latte, Highnoon 2, and their respective logos are trademarks of Happy Latte and may not be reproduced or used in any way.

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