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ChronoBlade - Brawler meets Facebook

ChronoBlade – an exciting multiplayer brawler slated to be released soon on Facebook!

ChronoBlade utilizes a unique combination of intense skilled-based combat mechanics typically found in action and fighting games, and character progression and equipment-upgrade systems that are heavily used in traditional role-playing games.

We are excited to work with the nWay team on the characters, armor sets, props and set pieces. Check out a few character samples below-

Female Amazon Tier 4 Armor

High Resolution Scuplt. Click here to check out the finished game model for this character in our Character section.

Amazon Tier 3 Armor - In game Model.

Here is a teaser of what is to come. We are having a great time working with the nWay team, and we can’t wait for the game to launch.

Sign up on and get your own beta key. Congratulations to our friends at nWay!

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