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We’ve been working on a bunch of different projects lately of different types and scales. It’s interesting since one day we could be learning about development on the iOS, the next day on Facebook, and then it’s back to working on something for a console. As fun as it has been, we still wanted to try and carve out a little time to work and experiment on a few prototype projects of our own. We thought we’d share one of them with you.

We’ve heard alot about the Unity game engine and decided to give it a try. Everyone talks about how easy it is to develop for it so we thought we’d dive in and see how good (or bad) we’d do. Having had experience working in much larger production environments, we’re pleased to say that for Indie development, this is a pretty robust toolset. From blank sheet to working demo took us about 4 weeks or so. We also used a website to post concept images and live feedback with our team. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Stixy is a great way to post documents, images, links, etc…and share it with a distributed group of people. You can post notes and feedback and create ‘To Do’ lists. We love it and we wish we had discovered it when we were managing outsourced artists back at EA.

In any case, here’s a few images from protoToy. It’s a little action platformer with a hero we’ve called ‘Widget’. Don’t mind the copious amounts of dust…this is just a quick little work in progress that’s got a looong ways to go. We’ll also post a link to the executable soon so you can play it. In the meantime, there’s a little video capture from the prototype below.

Enjoy and feel free to drop us questions and comments.

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