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Particle Cloud System

We just wrapped up production on a project which required us to create all the major cloud types inside of Unity. It was a challenging task with limited budget required as they have to perform well in real time. Our initial approach of using mesh and particles around the edges to soften didn't work so well. We then moved on to a pure particle approach. While it looked fine, it had proven to be too costly in the engine. After some more experimentation, we were able to come up with a particle card facing hybrid that not only looked very volumetric, but also z-sorted well. We used this technique on most of the cloud systems with the exception of the Cumulonimbus, in which we used a mesh to defi


Library tower design concept. Full resolution image here.

Chrono Boom Disc Transport

One of the super fun props we worked on for the ChronoBlade project. Process- Built high resolution model > Extract Maps > Build / UV low resolution model for game. Also set up the SDK for the animating panels. Boom Disc in action

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