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Art of Star Wars Uprising

During the Christmas break, we received a copy of the 'Art of Star Wars Uprising' in the mail from the Kabam RPG team. We were even lucky enough to snag Ken Capelli (Art Director) and Trevor Grimshaw (Art Lead) who blessed our copy with their autographs - making it a collector's edition of sorts :). It's always awesome to take a look at all the concept work in any 'Art of' book and the Kabam team didn't disappoint in this regard. They were also nice enough to showcase some of the assets we help worked on. Check out the previous blog for more character art examples from this game in addition to additional characters and prop samples. (You'll also find these in our portfolio section as well).

Motion Blur in Viewport 2.0

We love all the features the new Maya default viewport 2.0 offers. Nifty tools such as real time AO, DoF, and anti-aliasing really give you a polish look in the hardware view and even in Playblast preview. Unfortunately, Viewport 2.0 does not support motion blur on a rigged character, it only supports camera and object motion blur. To put it in another way, VP2.0 only supports motion blur for objects whose transformations change over time i.e., surfaces or camera transforming. It does not support motion blur for surfaces that deform over time. This means, no motion blur on rig. :( One work around I think worth mentioning- If you want some quick motion blur on your character animation, but do

VR game - Archer E. Bowman Part 2

In the last post, we looked at some animation on the Grunt character. This time, we will cover the work we have done for the environment and also show an example of a character we setup. Most of the wall and prop pieces were designed and built in a modular fashion, giving the design team the freedom to easily put the 3D tile pieces over the pre-defined white box. On top of the tilable sets, we also built and designed bigger set piece such as the Castle in the background. Texture details were hand-painted and kept simplified to match the polytgonal nature of the geometry. Most of the characters were setup using the Maya HiK system, with the exception of the Mage character. Since the Mage is m

VR game dev.- Archer E. Bowman Part 1

Our friends at Void Alpha recently asked us to help out with the art and animation on this humorous, fast-paced rampart style shooter on the Samsung GEAR and we were glad to lend our support! Besides characters and environments, we also enjoyed working on the animation. Our animators had a blast working on these comical characters, and eventhough the skeleton and polygon limit were fairly low due to the real time nature of a VR game, the acting and the animation on the characters really fits well with the zany, Loony Tunes style of the game Throughout the game, you will get to choose from a wide array of arrows, each with a unique ability. Our animators had a blast working on the multiple de

Fantasy Strategy Game - Part 2

This is an example on how we did the animation of the Druid Cavalryman riding on his horse. Essentially, we were looking to pair two completely separate rigs which included both the rider in addition to the horse. The cavalryman is inheriting the translation and rotation values from the horse as shown in this trot animation below. A Parent Constraint Node is used to tie the rider to the horse's prop bone on its saddle. With the main motion of the rider set, limbs and cape were hand animated to complete the set. One other thing to keep in mind when animating for a tiled based game which is that most of the animation was required to be animated in place without translation. Translation will th

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