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When it comes to a video game, particularly in genres such as an MMO or MOBA, the character you control plays a huge role. We pay a lot of attention to our avatar whether they are performing an acrobatic move leaping across a lava pit, fending off hordes of enemies, or simply interacting with another NPC in a village. We stare at our character most of the time during the game and therefore, it is natural for developers to put a lot of emphasis on the character creation process during game production. With that being said, we believe that the environment is also equally as important, if not more important. A well-crafted background will help immerse the player into the world. One of the key e

Fantasy Strategy Game - Part 1

This is an example project where our team had an opportunity to work on a game in the Fantasy genre. It was a refreshing change of pace to work on what was essentially high resolution assets without the constraints of a 3D real time game as the 3D assets would be rendered out and implemented as 2D sprites. A lot of our artists in the studio are fans of J. R. R. Tolkien's work and this project paid heed to the Lord of the Rings saga which we are all huge fans of. Below is an ambient occlusion render of a Druid Castle. Check out the final color rendered version in our environment page here. Hit the Play Button on the video below to see the destruction states of the various fortresses. For the


A set of Gauntlets we built for the Chronoblade game. Normal Map Transfer from High Resolution Sculpt. Finished version ready for Export. You can check out more gauntlets on the props page. Attachment Point.

Texas Highway Set

More environment pieces from the Transformer 'Age of Extinction' Game.

Hong Kong

Modular Environment pieces for the Hong Kong Level. Project- Transformers - Age of Extinction Client- :DeNA. Tileable Old Kowloon City Style Facades - Unity3D viewport Kowloon Red Taxi - - Unity3D viewport Bamboo Scafolding module Paifang - Chinese architectural arch. MongKok's Neon Signage Temple Street's Fish Market Stalls

Squash and Stretch

Various Props and Animals with squash-n-stretch implemented. Check out the short videos below to see it in action. Blue Jay Gift Box Prototype

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