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We have a genuine passion for art and solving visual design problems. Our founders have spent over three combined decades in art and design leadership working with companies like EA, Activision, Square, and Zynga.

Our past projects have included the spectrum from concept and UI to 3D characters and environments. We have done product on a wide range of platforms from mobile and web to AAA console franchises. We are underpinned by a solid technical background and apply it to the context of any project and its unique platform constraints. We do this without losing sight of doing what we do best: making really great looking art.

Our dual studio set-up gives us a presence on both sides of the world allowing many of our western clients to schedule meetings convenient to their local operating hours. The leadership of the studio is fluent in English and we use an internal asset tracking pipeline that is shared directly with the client for transparency. Our goal on every project is to become a direct extension of a client’s internal team.

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